All About Kelly

I live in a small town on Long Island with my wife Jeanine and our mini dachshunds. I work in an elementary school as a guidance counselor and am currently in my sixteenth year. In addition to working with the little ones, I also coach JV and JH volleyball, JH basketball, and JH track. I have been coaching in this district for sixteen years. Coaching has allowed me not only to continue with my passion of athletics, but provides me with the opportunity to work with student athletes not only as a coach, but as a positive role model during their own life journeys. When I am not working or coaching I enjoy fishing, going for walks, going to the beach and relaxing poolside in our back yard. 

I grew up in a two-parent home with three siblings all of whom are older than me. My oldest sister is married with two children who are now in their twenties. They live only 20 minutes away. My second oldest sister literally lives down the block from us. She is married and has twin boys. One of whom has Autism. Having a nephew who is Autistic has often been challenging and also very rewarding. My older brother lives with his wife and three kids in Buffalo, NY. This allows for fun and long road trips. My mom lives around the block from us. My father passed away several years back. 

With the exception of my brother, we all live in close proximity of each other allowing for lots of family time. Family time includes family dinners, getting together for each other’s birthdays, BBQ’s, pool side fun and beach time together. Although there is some distance between Buffalo and this small town, we make up for it when he and his family travel to us or we travel to them.